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Welcome to Dominic Monaghan Stills.
Grand High Poo Bah: skulkings
Co-mods listed below, thanks to LJ.

Wanna be a co-mod or banner maker? Contact skulkings

You are welcome to friend and/or join this community. Since submissions are done through comments, the mods and the banner-maker are the only ones who need to have posting access.


1.] Submission comments are unscreened after the winners are announced. Please use those posts to ask the icon makers before you take any icons. Do not take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission.


1.] Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards: no bigger than 100x100px (smaller is OK) or 40KB. (If we do a special challenge, i.e. "Friends Only" or header banners, please read the challenge carefully for size and other specifications.)
2.] Unless the challenge specifically states otherwise, icons CANNOT be animated. (That's the whole point of stillness, isn't it?)
3.] Submit your icons in a screened comment to the challenge post. When responding with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:

4.] You will need a host that allows remote linking. Image Shack and Photobucket will work. So will Tiny Pic. Your icons will be direct-linked from your account, so if you don't want that, let the mod know beforehand.
5.] Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use your icon or post it anywhere until the voting period is over. You may not tell people which icon is yours or tell your friends to vote for you.


Voting is open to anyone, not just community members.

Voting is done by text box poll. If the poll doesn't work for you for any reason, leave a screened comment.

Voting is weighted. Ususally, you'll be asked to vote for your first, second and third choices. First choice votes will give three points per vote. Second choice will recieve two points.

If a there are an exceptional number of icons for a challenge, we may reward a mod's choice. Mod's choice is subjective but will usually reward an icon with merit that goes against the grain of most winning entries.


To be come affiliates, please leave a comment under this post.

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For any questions/suggestions/etc. please contact the mod.