The Ineffable Has Bludgeoned Me (skulkings) wrote in monaghan_stills,
The Ineffable Has Bludgeoned Me

Challenge #20 Extented and Admin

I've extended the current challenge through Monday, October 23rd. It's a photo hunt and the theme is Love. Not hard, right?

Also, I have a couple of admin requests.

I've lost my only co-mod here. I'm able to keep up with things here right now... but not quite in the timely manner I would like.

Would anyone be willing to co-mod?

I'd also like to run a contest for a new banner and icon. But I'll need to figure out which layout -- I'd like it to be S2 to use a layout which takes full advantage of tags -- and what the specifications are.

Would anyone be willing to help with an S2 layout for the community?
Tags: 20, admin, extension
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