The Ineffable Has Bludgeoned Me (skulkings) wrote in monaghan_stills,
The Ineffable Has Bludgeoned Me

Challenge #20: Love

Challenge #20: Photo Hunt: Love
Make a LJ icon (no bigger than 100x100 pixels, 40k) from an image (or more than one?) of Dom which expressed the theme "Love."

There's a lot to work with, no matter what your flavor: Billy, Elijah, the Fellowship memebers, Evi, the Lost cast, Gizmo and assorted bugs, lizards and snakes. Even an Orc. Or just Dom. That would work too.

• No animation.
• You can use brushes, textures, gradients, etc. as you wish.
• You may submit up to 3 icons.
• Deadline is extended to Monday, October 23rd. (Ooooooh.)

Possible sources for photos:
StarDom's Gallery
Lost and Blown Away's Gallery
green_queen's Dom Megaspam (TM)
dompix (My own community for sharing my collection.)

Entry Count: 7 Icons, 3 Participant
Tags: 20, challenges
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